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Coffee Service:

Rainbow Distributing will be happy to service your business or office with coffee and coffee supplies. Get your office humming with a fresh brewed cup of coffee each and every morning. We offer use of Bloomfield professional pour-over coffee brewers to our customers. Receive your first case of coffee free! When you subscribe to coffee service from this web site. You can order or request information on our order form.

Equipment and Miscellaneous Items Available:

  • Industrial coffee brewer supplied for your use FREE of charge
  • Coffee filter supplied FREE of charge
  • Coffee stir sticks supplied FREE of charge
  • 8 oz. Styrofoam hot drink cups (case of 1000)
  • Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate (box of 50 individual)
  • Lipton Tea Bags (box 100)
  • Act-II microwave popcorn (box 36)

Coffee Creamers and Sweeteners:

  • Land O Lakes Mini-Moos Half & Half case (360 individual creamers)
  • Grindstone nondairy creamer case (900 individual packets)
  • Grindstone nondairy creamer canisters (12 oz.)
  • Dixie Sugar case (2000 individual packets)
  • Equal sweetener with Nutrasweet (box 500 individual packets)
Autocrat Coffee

  • Autocrat Premium Classic (regular) 42 packets 1.75 oz.
  • Autocrat 100% Colombian Premium Coffee 42 packets 1.75 oz.
  • Autocrat Serene Premium Classic (decaffeinated) 42 packets 1.75 oz.
Savor a perfect cup of coffee....

Green Mountain Premium Blend Coffees

Great tasting coffee is a benefit that makes everyone feel good. Green Mountain's premium blends come to you freshly roasted and ground in convenient ready-to-brew packages that seal in their flavor. Whether you prefer regular or decaffeinated, a light or a dark roast, you'll find just what you're looking for on the Green Mountain menu. Try the popular Breakfast Blend, Nantucket Blend, Hazelnut, French Vanilla, and Rain Forest Nut (rich caramel and cashew flavors). Please contact us for details.

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