Rainbow Distributing Company Supplies Pure Natural Spring Water


Rainbow Distributing Company is proud to be the local suppliers of Poland Spring and Sand Springs Pure Natural Spring Water, for your enjoyment and health. We are a locally owned company with over thirty years of experience, committed to premium affordable service for businesses, small and large, and for homes throughout western Massachusetts and upstate New York.

In addition to Rainbow Distributing providing excellent bottled spring water service, we also offer a complete office coffee service. This service features Premium brand coffee and related supplies. Industrial pour-over coffee brewers supplied free of charge to qualified commercial customers.

Our friendly professional route sales representatives can take care of all aspects of products and services through our automated route scheduling system. You can also Subscribe for service, add items to scheduled deliveries, request special deliveries, Manage account information and pay bills using our estorefront.

Rainbow Distributing has available, Bottle water coolers and Water Purification Coolers for sale or rent. Imagine, refreshing chilled water on tap, anytime! With one of our water dispensers in your office or home, a cold drink of our refreshing pure water is always convenient whenever you get thirsty. If you like, you can have a model that also serves piping hot water for instant beverages and soups.

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