Bottled Water

Rainbow Distributing is proud to be the distributors of Poland Spring Brand, Nestle’ Pure Life and Sand Springs Water.
Sand Springs is a naturally occurring thermal spring with a constant temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit. This constant temperature indicates two things: First, no surface ground water enters the springs; and second, it begins its ascent from far below the earth’s surface at a depth of around 4,000 feet. Waters from this depth are free of contaminants. The waters of Sand Springs bubble up to a sealed reservoir through layers of purifying sand. This reservoir is encased by a thick layer of blue clay that acts as a natural barrier, protecting the spring by diverting all the surface water away. Sand Springs spring is located in the forested north west corner of Massachusetts near the Vermont- New York lines in Williamstown, and was well known to the tribes of the Iroquois Nations for its unusual qualities.
The Poland Spring Brand is famous for its naturally pure and crisp tasting spring water. Poland Spring’s natural sources lie deep beneath protected pine forests in Maine. Originating as rain and snow melt, the water is then naturally filtered through exceptionally fine sand and gravel left by glaciers 10,000 years ago. The result is spring water of exceptional clarity, good taste, and a desirably low mineral content. Poland Spring was first bottled in 1845. Its long history and high quality have made this brand the most recognizable in America and number one in sales of all bottled waters. A landmark in the state, Poland Spring truly embodies “what it means to be from Maine”.
Nestle’Pure Life
What is purified water?
We source our water from wells or municipal supplies, then put it through our 12-step quality process. This means that it meets strict standards for bottled water. And you can be sure to enjoy the same crisp, clean taste wherever you pick up a bottle. The mineral content of any drinking water is measured scientifically to check which are present. We add a light blend of minerals to our water, to give Nestlé® Pure Life® Purified Water its distinctive, refreshing taste.
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